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We are here to present you with a unique opportunity to test our product for FREE for 30 days and to show you what exactly the using of FORBIS Planner will bring to you. You'll also find answers to frequently asked questions of our customers. If you have any problem with the functionality of your version Planner, or you have forgotten your login information, please contact us at our support email:

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Can I also connect remotely?

Yes, you can. Since it is a Web application you can access it from any device that allows you to view Web pages. 

What are the minimum requirements to view the system?

All you need is a Web browser that supports JavaScript.

What is the default Username and Password?

The default password of the basic administrator is admin. At the Username box fill in admin, at the Password box fill in admin.

What are the shortest time intervals that you can make a reservation at?

The reservations are usually made at half an hour intervals. 

Can I edit / transfer a reservation after it was made?

After making a reservation it is possible to work with it. You can change the data, transfer the reservation or even create an exact copy of the reservation. 

How will I distinguish between the reservations already processed and those to be processed? 

We use 3 different states of reservations – reserved, received and processed. All these states are color-coded and can be changed with a single click directly on the report.

Can I browse the reservations otherwise than by days in calendar? 

Yes, there is the weekly review available. It shows all the reservation in the week specified by you. And also you can view all the reservations and search among them in the menu Reservations

Can I limit the employee´s working hours? 

Yes, in the menu Weekly Schedule you can create a schedule for staff. 

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