How does the FORBIS Planner work

How to create your own planner

How to create and process your bookings

How to set up and manage absence

The work report

Performance measurement

External booking form


Views of the screen and of the main system functions

Daily overview

In the window Daily overview you will see and manage all your bookings of the selected day.

 Week overview

At the Week overview you are aware of the bookings and of the occupancy status of the selected week.

Making the booking

You will use the simple order form to make the booking.

 List of orders

You will find all your orders in the clear List of orders.

Creating the schedule

You will simply set up the schedule of things to do for each week.


Keep the overview of the status and operation of your tasks through reports.

 Order tasks

Keep the overview by whom the work has been carried out, what type of the operation has been carried out, as well as when was the beggining and the end of the filling of the order.

User/Department Management

Create your own department or users to whom you will set tasks.

Editing employee / department

It is very simple and fast to edit the informations about employees and to make adjustments in departments.

Setting up the absence

Manage your absence and its reasons.

Add the template

Define your own type of work through the function of adding the template.

 SMS notifications

Thanks to the SMS notification you can inform your customers about the status of their orders or you can just recall the date.

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